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Sony to aid in Skyrim Dawnguard DLC fix

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   September 12th, 2012   |  

Bethesda, the developer of the Elder Scrolls series and its latest instalment, Skyrim, admitted earlier that it was struggling to get their latest expansion pack for the PlayStation 3, Dawnguard, to work, and now Sony seem to be lending the studio a hand.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has won nearly every Game of the Year award there was to win, as the open-world RPG, set in the expansive world of Skyrim built on the success of its predecessor, Oblivion, in every way.

The game received rave reviews and fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of the game. A number of mods made their way on to the PC community of the game as the developer opened it up for the public.

However, the developers also announced that they would be launching a series of DLC packs to expand on the game and provide fresh and varied experiences for players to play through.

The first of those is Dawnguard, which introduces players to vampires and even allows them to become one if they are bit and choose to do so. The expansion pack has been released on both the Xbox 360 and PCs, yet PlayStation owners are still waiting for their turn.

Bethesda earlier admitted that they were struggling with the PlayStation 3 version of the DLC, as it failed to run consistently during development. It seems Sony has taken note of the issue and is providing assistance to the primary developer in order to ensure that the DLC makes its way on to the PlayStation Network and eventually on to the console itself.

The vice president of Sony, Adam Boyes, explained the situation during a recent interview. He said, “We (Sony) have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda – and with all of our partners – to work with them to solve that any sort of issues they have along the way.”

Boyes continued, “Of course, I always want everything to work always for everyone. I can’t promise any kind of resolution or timeline but can that everyone involved is trying their best to get this stuff working.”

This is not the first time that the game has had issues with its PlayStation version as the game was released with game breaking bugs, at least the PlayStation 3 version was. The issues were patched soon enough on the Xbox and PC versions of the game, however, it took longer for the patch to make its way on to Sony’s console.

It will be interesting to see how long the process of fixing the DLC takes this time around especially with Bethesda also planning a second round of DLC as well. Whether or not Sony and Bethesda can get on top of the situation soon remains to be seen.