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Special: Halo 4’s new enemies and weapons – Part I

By: Musa Afridi

  |   September 14th, 2012   |  
Halo 4

343 Studios releases profiles of the various Promethean enemy types as well as the new weapons that players will encounter as they done the role of Master Chief once more.

Master Chief has taken down his fair share of enemies since the first Halo game, some were more charismatic and endearing than others. Being able to create enemies as memorable as Bungie did is something that 343 studios, the developers of Halo 4, will know is of extreme importance.

The new enemy types have received a bit of mixed reaction, mostly because they are almost identical to each other.

There are basically two main enemy types, with variations made to each of them:

Hunting in packs are the Crawlers, these enemies are described as both “the most common” and “extremely agile”. Crawlers hunt in packs and can deal both close range and long range damage.

One rank above the Crawlers in terms of challenge posed are the Crawler Snipes, which according to their official description are the exact same thing as the Crawlers but simply look different.

Leading the Crawlers is the Alpha Crawler, which can be identified because of the hedgehog like spikes sticking out of their back. The Alpha Crawler also carries a more powerful weapon (Suppressors) as compared to the other Crawlers (Boltshot).

The main challenge, however, is expected to come from the Knights. There are a number of variations of the enemy type with AI and weapons, as well as  a few minor changes to physical appearance.

The Knight Lancer is described as being a scout and marksman. Their special ability is that they can “utilize Promethean Vision to track targets even when they’re behind solid objects.”

To be honest that sounds very similar to the Chimera with Augers from the Resistance series but then again, it is a Halo game set in a sci-fi universe, someone has to see through walls.

While the Lancers are more of long distance enemy type, the basic Knight is the grunt. “The captains of the Promethean force, the autonomous and intelligent Knights are ancient warriors tasked with defending the artificial world called Requiem.”

Sounds like they have quite a job to do, but the Knights have the ability to call in reinforcements, which should make taking them out, and we don’t mean for lunch or dinner, a priority for Master Chief in the game.

The Knight Battlewagon is the tank of the infantry class, described as being “rare but incredibly dangerous” this particular enemy type is sent as the last resort, which means that when Master Chief takes out the rest of the Promethean forces, the Battlewagons are even the odds.

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