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Special: Halo 4’s new enemies and weapons – Part II

By: Musa Afridi

  |   September 14th, 2012   |  
Halo 4

Master Chief’s most daunting enemy type and the new weapons he has to both face and wield are set to take the game in new, fresh direction…at least that’s what 343 are promoting at this stage.

The Knight Battlewagons are also set to be a challenge to take down as well as they will sport heavy armour and shielding as well as a Scattershot (shotgun-type weapon) which means getting close to them won’t be as easy signing London Football club, Arsenal’s, top players.

The highest ranking Knight will be the Knight Commander. This particular enemy type will boast a distinctive look as well as heavier armour and shielding, along with floating Auto-sentry turrets. Not only that but their “formidable combat skills” and wait for it….incineration Cannons, yes, incineration Cannons!, are set to cause a number of problems for the player.

As for the new weapons that the Promethean forces will wield, the Suppressor is set to be the most common. “The weapon fires bolts of charged Hardlight that pierce and destroy organic material of any type.”

If the Suppressor is the standard assault rifle, then the standard side-arm for the Prometheans is the Boltshot. Effective at close range the Boltshot also devastates organic matter in much the same way as the Suppressor.

The Incineration Cannon is an “The Anti-Material Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle fires several streams of explosive particles along multiple paths that detonate and spread on impact. Mixing traits of rocket launcher, shotgun, and flame-thrower, it’s a highly destructive weapon.”

Next up is the Lightrifle, which is neither a sniper rifle nor an assault rifle but something in between. The weapon can be likened to both the “human DMR and Battle Rifle”. It fires a burst of rounds from the hip and becomes an accurate medium to long range weapon when scoped.

The true sniper rifle in the game is the Binary Rifle, which is basically a one-shot kill weapon. Swapping long range devastation with close-range carnage is the Scattershot, which is basically a shotgun that has ricocheting rounds. Sounds like fun no?

There is a bit of confusion as to whether one can classify the Watcher as an enemy type or a weapon, so it would be best to categorize it as a support type. The Watcher is a “flying robotic creature”, which tells us that even 343 don’t know how to describe it, that “emerge from the armored shell of Knights.”

The Watchers can then resurrect Knights and call in reinforcements as, which means that they will be the most annoying pain in Master Chief’s behind come the release of Halo 4.

But what do the readers think; do the new enemy types and weapons excite them or are they left longing for more? Let us know in the comments section below.