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Surviving Dubai on FUBAR in Spec Ops: The Line – 1

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   October 26th, 2012   |  
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Part 1: It may be a walk on the beach on the lowest difficulty setting but you won’t be Walk(er)ing through the Jager’s mind twisting game on the FUBAR difficulty without these essential tips.

The main talking point when anyone mentions Spec Ops: The Line is obviously the storyline and how it absolutely screws with the player’s mind. We love to go more into more details and elaborate but that would ruin the experience for those who have not had their perception of video games turned upside down.

So getting down to the gameplay and let it be known from the absolute start that Yager seem to love throwing an endless supply of the Damned 33rd at you. Without giving too much away, the Damned 33rd make up the main antagonist of the game and players will be dispatching them with almost every breath.

The first essential tip in this guide for Spec Ops: The Line FUBAR survival is to always be in or be near cover. It may sound elementary, but the second anyone starts playing this game like Call of Duty, they will be in for some seriously frustrating times. Couple that with the game’s story and the stress and anger will be almost unbearable.

Take pot shots from cover, it only takes an odd burst from one of the Damned to take you out, so wait and pick your moments before peeking out and sending a few bullets flying the other way.

Also while in cover blind fire is a useful tool, especially with the M-249, P90 or if the enemy soldier is really close, any of the shotguns. There will be times the enemy will have you pinned down, in such situations, shooting without aiming will do you no harm.

Yet one thing that everyone needs to keep an eye on is the ammo. Conserve it as much as possible. single shots are more effective and efficient as compared to holding down the trigger. Ammo is precious, especially when you have one of the more powerful guns such as the Desert Eagle, AA-12 and A17.

It is an unwritten rule of the hardest difficulty modes in shooters and we cannot emphasize it enough in every survival guide we put out there; Headshots are your best friend, even if it means waiting for a considerable period of time before the opening presents itself, every shot should be an attempt at blowing the enemy’s brains out and getting that one-second slow motion sequence that makes you feel all badass.

Read on in the next part of this article to find out more less obvious tips for surviving FUBAR.

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