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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits the PlayStation Network today

By: Musa Afridi

  |   November 13th, 2012   |  

Seven new characters are available for free from day one including Ancient Ogre, Unknown and Kunimitsu among others. Some of the returning characters also come with new move sets.

Capcom has released only its second Tekken Tag Tournament game alongside its six core entries in the series and the Street fighter X Tekken spinoff. The latter was developed by Capcom and Namco is supposed to develop the Tekken x Street fighter title as well but no progress or update has been made on that front in a while.

The previous Tag Tournament game was released on the PlayStation 2 console 12 years ago in the year 2000. Many wondered why there was not a follow up released by Namco for the popular game but almost an entire generation later, the long-awaited sequel is finally out.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 may already have hit retail stores but Sony is continuing to push its digital distribution platform, the PlayStation Network or more specifically its online marketplace, the PlayStation Store, as it announces the game as digital release as well.

This means that players can purchase and download the game from the comfort of their homes and have a digital copy of the game saved on their hard drive. To help push the digital version of the game and make it more a more attractive option for those who want the game, Namco have also announced seven characters that will be made available to players via a free DLC.

Rich Bantegui, the community manager at NAMCO BANDAI Games, wrote on the PlayStation Blog:

“The new unlocked characters for feature three returning favourites: Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet.” Before adding later on, “And in addition to that, we will also be releasing Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle, Chang and Kunimitsu to everyone as well.”

In total that is seven new characters with the majority of fans seemingly the most excited about Unknown and Ancient Ogre. The latter four characters were originally only available as pre-order incentives but it seems Namco and Sony have reached an agreement which now sees them available to every PlayStation 3 owner.

At the same time it was also confirmed that Violet, Unknown and Doctor Boskonovitch would also come with new moves than their previous iterations.

“It’s been a long time, but we think it has been worth the wait when you see the changes the team has made to the new characters. These guys are absolute beasts in the ring with new move sets since the last time we’ve seen them.”

Players were also advised to test the players out in the Fight Lab as well to get themselves familiar with the now moves before heading out to deal some serious hurt.