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The Last Guardian is still in development, may be a PlayStation 4 launch title

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   June 29th, 2012   |  
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Fumito Ueda, the former Sony game designer, claims that the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive is still under development, sparking rumours that the game may be a day one release for the PS4.

Fumito Ueda resigned from Sony last year, during the development period of Team Ico’s upcoming title, The Last Guardian. The latest game from the studio was teased two years ago at E3 and managed to get the gaming community excited.

However, the game did not feature during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo sparking a host of rumours ranging from the game has been cancelled to the game is being redeveloped for release on the PlayStation 4.

This is not the first time that rumours of the game been scrapped have emerged. Last year, a number of online retailers pulled the game from their listings claiming that The Last Guardian had been cancelled. However, Sony refuted those claims stating that the game was still very much under development.

The resignation of Ueda only added more fuel to the ‘game is scrapped’ fire and many believed that it was the last they would hear or see of The Last Guardian.

Once again the news was refuted by Sony who insisted that the game had met certain technical difficulties and that it was still being worked on.

The latest batch of rumours however did not involve the game being thrown in the bin as much as it had on previous occasions. Mostly because Ueda himself issued a statement, which read:

“It’s been business as usual. The only things that’ve really change are the terms of my contract.”

The game designer may have resigned from Sony but is still working on the project as a third-party. When asked on a progress update of the project, Ueda remained as tight-lipped as ever. He said, “I can’t really comment on the details.”

The fact that there were rumours earlier that the game was being developed pretty much from scratch have only made the curious case of The Last Guardian even more interesting. The game’s absence from this year’s E3 also led the winds powering the rumour mill in another direction, a next generation direction.

An increasing portion of the gaming community are of the opinion that all the signs are pointing towards the game being released on Sony’s next generation of gaming consoles, namely the PlayStation 4.

It seems that all the pieces seem to fit together especially how the lack of PlayStation 4 news came paired with a lack of The Last Guardian news. However, without any official comment from Sony or Ueda it remains a rumour and should be taken with a bit of salt.

We will have more on the story as and when it breaks.