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The Last of Us beats out Grand Theft Auto V

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   December 28th, 2012   |  
The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s upcoming title is on every PlayStation gamer’s mind as it was voted the Most Anticipated title for 2013 by fans ahead of some serious competition

The PlayStation Blog recently ran its poll for which games fans thought ought to have won in their respective categories. The categories in question ranged from Game of the Year to best Game on the PlayStation Vita, among others.

One of those awards, which featured plenty of big names was the Most Anticipated PS3 Game. This category included titles which had not been released but had been announced and shown to the fans in some capacity or the other.

There were a number of nominees on the list that would surely have caught everyone’s eye and at least warranted a few seconds on whether or not the vote should be cast for it but in the end, it seems that Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-apocalyptic epic, The Last of Us won the gong. The game is set for release in May and the hype train is doing nothing but gathering more momentum with each passing day.

The Last of Us is touted by many as being one of the last major IPs to be released on the current generation of consoles as many predict the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will not only be announced next year but they will also be released before the year’s end as well.

With the Platinum Trophy sorted, it is time now to turn our attention to the Gold Trophy, which went to Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar is really putting the ‘tease’ back into marketing with its upcoming game by giving away both plenty of information and nothing at all at the same time. One can expect this game to set a few records when it hits shelves on its, as yet, unannounced release date.

Kratos is getting a prequel to the God of War series. The prequel is being developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios and the prequel is titled, God of War: Ascension. The game is set for release in the early months of next year and for the first time in the series it is set to get a multiplayer component.

Rounding up the awards with the Bronze Trophy is BioShock Infinite, which is another game amassing an insane level of hype. The game will replace the underwater city of Rapture with a floating city of Columbia and every minuscule detail about the game is the subject of much deliberation among fans on the series. Certainly a game worth keeping an eye on.

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