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The Nintendo Wii U price teased at under £250 – Rumour

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   June 29th, 2012   |  
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According to a reliable source as any at this point in time, Nintendo will price their console under the £250 mark and expects the console to pleasantly surprise consumers.

Reports are emerging thick and fast regarding the price of Nintendo’s next generation console with nearly everyone pricing it between £200 and £300. The latest report that has emerged has come from the most reliable source yet as a senior publishing source has hinted as to what consumers can expect in terms of the Wii U’s price.

The anonymous source claimed that the price of the console would be lower than £250, which is in line with a number of earlier reports as well. However, the latest report has caused quite a stir with a number of experts in the industry adding that the price would make sense.

Keith Sharp from Play.com commented on how Nintendo do not make the same mistakes they made with the 3DS and that the Wii U’s best chance of succeeding would be to get off to strong start.

He said, “It’s important we don’t go down the 3DS route of retailer-led discounting both pre- and post-launch.”

Keith went on to state how he was looking forward to the Nintendo Wii U and its versatile line up of content, “I’m really impressed with Wii U, it’s not a good mix of insanely addictive mini-games and traditional ‘gamers’ titles.”

Pikmin 3 and Ubisoft’s ZombiU were the two games that really stood out during Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference with the latter being the first original title for the Wii U that will appeal to the gaming masses.

However, the overall impression that many came away with following the media briefing was one of being left rather unconvinced by what the Wii U was aiming to cater for.

Online retailing giant, Amazon, attempted to predict the price for the Wii U before they pulled their £199 listing of the next generation console off their website claiming that the listing was mere speculation and nothing more.

At the same time the German wing of Amazon has listed the Wii U for a staggering €349, although it admits that the console’s price is more than a little likely to drop in the near future.

Nintendo has maintained their silence over any announcements relating to the Wii U’s price and it seems that everyone will have to wait for the platform to end all the rumours and speculation. No indication has been given as to when that might be, although analysts predict that the console is expected to launch at the end of the current or early 2013 at the latest.

One can expect Nintendo to make the announcement at one of the upcoming conferences but until then it will be a case of wait and see.