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The PlayStation Vita – A Noob’s Guide – Part 1

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 10th, 2012   |  
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Wishfree.com brings you the comprehensive guide to the PlayStation Vita, starting things off with how to set the console up.

If one is thinking of buying a PlayStation Vita or already owns one and wants to know how to get started then this guide will take you through a step-by-step process on what one can expect once they have opened the box.

Setting Up:

First things first, powering the console on requires the user to hold the power button, located on the top left side of the console, next to the ‘L’ trigger button, for five seconds.

After this the console should start and begin to ask the user for a number of details including the time, date, connectivity options and whether or not the user has a PlayStation Network account or whether they wish to create one.

Both Wi-Fi settings option and the Sign Up for the PSN option can be accessed later on as well via ‘Settings’ so if users want to jump right into the action and leave those for later they can. Although it is advised that they get the formality out of the way as it will open up plenty of options for them later on.

Expect the software to update during this process as well and depending on the internet speed the 97MB update could take anywhere between 5 minutes to 45 minutes, for slower connections.

Users also have the option to update the console via PC or through their PlayStation 3 console, which basically requires the user to download the update onto the respective console and transfer it on to the Vita.

After all the initial set up has been taken care of there are a few things that the user may want to do. Firstly, it would be wise for them to go to their PlayStation Network Account information section, which in turn can be found in the Settings, and connect their PSN account to their Facebook one if they wish to do so.

This will allow users to then post their trophies, purchases and any other PlayStation related achievements and activities on the popular social networking site. At the same time if the user feels he wishes to restrict any of his activities from being posted on Facebook, they can simply uncheck the option here.

Instead of jumping straight into the action, it would be best for the user to get a few applications and games. Selecting them from the PlayStation Network store and queuing them for download will save plenty of time and allow users to have more content to play by the time they’re done with either the tutorial or their first taste of gaming action.

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