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The Unfinished Swan gets 10 rather interesting facts

By: Musa Afridi

  |   October 12th, 2012   |  
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Part 2: Ben Esposito, the Game Designer at Giant Sparrow, went on to highlight a number of facts that he felt were worth sharing about the development process of their upcoming game.

After going through the first five of ten facts it is now time to focus on the latter half of what Mr. Esposito believes is worth the gaming community’s attention.

One fact that some may struggle to comprehend is that the white they see on screen during the game isn’t actually white. Well, it is but “not pure white, but a slightly warmer yellowish white,” explained the designer on the PlayStation Blog.

As for the narrator, well it turns out that the most authentic voice they could find after a number of auditions was the “voice of creative director Ian Dallas’s aunt.” The reason behind this was “After auditioning other narrators we weren’t able to find a voice as authentic as a real mother.” Charming.

As for the art director of the game, it just so happens that Hokyo Lim was also the art director for League of Legends as well and brings a level of experience and pedigree to the project, although the two games have pretty much nothing in common to each other.

There are a total of four chapters, “each with their own visual style and mechanics. Part of the design philosophy for the Unfinished Swan is to let players figure things out for themselves, so there are a few parts of the game that have never been shown before.”

Lastly, Esposito also explained how players could use as little as three splats of paint to navigate each level. “The minimalist trophy, unlocked when a player walks through the opening area without using more than three splats of paint, was originally unlocked by not splatting a single ball.”

It turns out that one of the level designers was able to navigate the entire level using sound alone and that the original trophy was set for the use of just one splat of paint. However, a majority of the development team struggled to replicate the success, the limit was changed to three splats of paint.

All in all, The Unfinished Swan has the potential to live up to the levels that the likes of Journey, Flower and FlOw did and become a beacon for indie game developers who want to make it to the big time.

The Unfinished Swan is set for release on the PlayStation Network later on this month. In fact, to be exact, Sony has scheduled the game for release on its PlayStation Store on the 23rd of October for the modest price of $14.99.

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