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Top 11 Trailers of E3 2012: Part 4

By: Musa Afridi

  |   July 12th, 2012   |  
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There were a number of surprises at this year’s E3 and most of them can be attributed to French publisher, Ubisoft, and had it not been for them, the Nintendo conference would have been a train wreck.

7. ZombiU

The Nintendo Conference got really boring really quickly and one could sense the audience wondering when the platform developer was going to show something worth cheering for. Batman: Arkham City’s Armoured Edition was shown off as was Pikmin 3 among other titles, but that was not enough to please the masses who wanted something that they could identify the console with.

Luckily for them and the thousands watching from home, Ubisoft came to the rescue with the magic words ‘first-person shooter’ and ‘zombie apocalypse’. ZombiU began and the visuals were on par with a majority of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 titles, barring the likes of Uncharted, God of War and Killzone, but still close enough.

The trailer itself shown from a first-person perspective gave everyone a taste of what they could expect from the game itself when it releases alongside the console on its, as yet unannounced, release date.

Ubisoft were keen to point out that the game would be more of a survival game than an action, which YouTube star, Toby Turner, summed up as a game which focused more on not being killed instead of killing.

Had it not been for the ZombiU trailer the Nintendo Press Conference would have been a disaster and for single-handedly saving both the audience and the Nintendo Wii U’s reputation, the trailer gets seventh place in our countdown.

6. Resident Evil 6

Instead of taking the CGI approach that many publishers take on such occasions, Capcom decided to storm Microsoft’s Press Conference with a full-on gameplay trailer and what a trailer it was.

The live-demo showed off Leon Kennedy’s storyline as everyone joined him in the middle of being surrounded by a horde of zombies before running off into an alley, down a flight of stairs, during which he obliterated another horde of zombies with a well-placed grenade, and onto a highway.

In classic Resident Evil fashion, the highway broke down and the next scene saw Leon running away from explosions as the bridge collapsed and the fuel tanks of the cars ignited and exploded.

A few quick time events later and Leon was struggling to get the helicopter they had escaped on to under control. Instead they crashed the helicopter and after falling a considerable distance to the ground below, stood up only to find themselves surrounded by another horde of zombies.

Absolutely brilliant!

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