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Top 11 Trailers of E3 2012: Part 7

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 12th, 2012   |  
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Moving on from Far Cry 3 and on to a title that looks set to raise the bar in terms of visuals and storytelling once again and may just show that there is life yet left in the current generation of home consoles.

3. The Last of Us

When video game development studio Naughty Dog is associated with a game, one can expect a number of things from the title; firstly, the storyline will be set on a grand scale, secondly, the cut scenes will have production values that even Hollywood would be envious of and lastly, an amazing all round game that one will be talking about for days if not months to come.

The Last of Us had been teased, premiered and shown off by Sony on a number of occasions leading up to E3 but no one expected to get the trailer that they got this time around.

Yes, there was an Uncharted-like vibe to the game but that was mostly down to the visual style and the way the character’s dialogues and interactions panned out, otherwise the game had a grittier, more desperate tone than any Naughty Dog fan is used to with the Uncharted series.

There was no witty wise-crack by the game’s protagonist, as was the case in Uncharted, instead your AI buddy would question your actions from time to time, as she did when Joel, the game’s protagonist, used a Molotov cocktail to burn one of the in-game enemy characters alive.

The trailer started off with the sound of a door slamming shut and the two protagonists catching their breath before moving on to the street and showing off a bit of the city and the game’s impressive visuals as it seems Naughty Dog have finally pushed the PlayStation 3 to its absolute limit.

Naughty Dog seemed to focus on just how gritty, desperate and visceral the game’s combat would be. Not only did Joel light one enemy AI survivor on fire but he also viciously attacked another with the butt of his revolver. Add to that the one he killed after banging the enemy AI’s head against a chest of drawers, with the sound of bones cracking loud and clear for all to cringe at and The Last of Us is set to be a real departure from Uncharted.

Yet, it was the way that Naughty Dog ended the trailer that really left an aftertaste in everyone’s mouth. In fact, it left everyone speechless and with their jaws on the floor and for this reason The Last of Us’ trailer comes in at number three.

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