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Top 11 Trailers of E3 2012: Part 8

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   July 12th, 2012   |  
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Second place goes to a trailer that broke its way into everyone’s hearts and was the talk of E3 and maybe even gave everyone a glimpse of the next-gen…maybe.

2. Watch Dogs

When the first teaser trailer for the game was aired it had everyone confused as to what the hell Ubisoft were talking about. It went on about how everyone is connected and can be easily reached and identities can be stolen. However, its only when the next trailer began that everyone understood the importance of the context adding teaser trailer.

The teaser however became a distant memory five seconds into the Watch Dogs trailer, when everyone’s minds collectively exploded when the fact that the visuals they were seeing on screen was real time actual gameplay footage.

In retrospect, the first second of the trailer was enough to give everyone an idea of what was coming next. There was an explosion of polygons as the game looked like it was set to be a triple-A blockbuster.

There was the signature Ubisoft look and a hint of Assassin’s Creed going on at the same time. However, the trailer then went a bit in Hitman’s direction with the protagonist creating a distraction to break into a nightclub before interacting with a few characters as he looked to draw out his target.

A quick meet up later, the protagonist was on his way out of the club and everyone got their first taste of the brutal hand-to-hand combat mechanic of the game, which was quite impressive.

Once outside, the character brought up an in-game menu and put on a mask before hacking into the traffic light network and causing it to go haywire. The resulting series of accidents saw the targets car get T-Bone takedown-ed.

The game jumped into third-person shooter mode before a car chase. Yeah, the trailer was pretty epic in more than one way.

In fact, the trailer was so impressive that rumours emerged that the game could very well be the first next-gen title, although those rumours were later shot down. However, the visuals and the number of things going on on-screen at the same time still seem too much for the current generation to handle and Watch Dogs could be a number of titles following the Battlefield 3 example of being better on PCs instead of consoles.

Whatever the case, Watch Dogs comes in second place for both surprising and blowing everyone away with a breath-taking reveal and gameplay trailer but there is still an aura of mystery surrounding the Ubisoft title as so little is known about the eagerly anticipated game.

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