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Using hacked PlayStation 3 will lead to permanent ban from PSN, warns Sony

By: Muhammad Qasim Hassan

  |   November 15th, 2012   |  
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The PlayStation hack released last month has naturally not gone down too well with Sony, leading the latter to warn consumers that anyone found using the “unauthorised software” will face a life-time ban from PlayStation Network (PSN).

Described as the mother of all hacks for the PlayStation 3 by some software geeks on the internet, the latest custom firmware and LV0 decryption key released by a group of hackers named ‘The Three Tuskateers’ can decrypt the PlayStation 3 software without much of an effort irrespective of whatever security updates the company releases in the future.

Where the previous hacks had a fair bit of shortcomings, the most notable of which was that of the console being locked to firmware 3.55, the latest exploit will face none of these issues.

However, Sony was never expected to remain a silent spectator to what is being looked upon as a heavy blow to the company.

In a recent statement, it has warned users of dire consequences if they are caught using what it terms as an authorised software.

These dire consequences point to a permanent ban from the PlayStation Network, the free-to-access interactive environment that allow users to interact with other users, while also giving them access to free games and demos and an option to purchase games through the digital medium.

Sony explained that using a hacked version of the console is a violation of its terms of service and therefore takes away the user’s right to access whatever services the company has to offer.

“Use of such software violates the terms of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System and the Terms of Services and User Agreement for the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network and its Community Code of Conduct provisions,” read the statement by Sony. “Violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation3 system invalidates the consumer’s right to access that system. Consumers running unauthorized or pirated software may have their access to the PlayStation Network and access to Sony Entertainment Network services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently.”

The company justified the selection of such a severe punishment by stating that taking such steps will help it to ensure a “help provide a safe, fair, online environment” for PlayStation 3 users.

The Three Tuskateers claims to have been sitting on the master key to bypass PlayStation 3’s security for quite some time now, but the information ended up getting leaked and falling in hands of a Chinese hacking group BlueDiskCFW, who were planning on charging people for it.

In order to prevent this outfit from profiting on their work, The Three Tuskateers was compelled to make the LV0 key public, which was followed by a free CFW update within the next 24 hours.