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ZombiU survival extremely hard but conquerable, confirm Ubisoft developers

By: Jason McCarthy

  |   November 28th, 2012   |  
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If there is one thing that hardcore gamers expect of a first-person shooter, it’s an immense amount of difficulty, something that would challenge their skills and make every percentage of progress satisfying.

Ubisoft has managed to deliver exactly that with the survival horror first-person shooter ZombiU, which was released exclusively for Wii U on November 18 in America.

While the game offers plenty of difficulty in its normal mode, the ZombiU survival mode takes the challenge to an entirely different level.

During an interview with Iwata Asks, the game developers admitted that they almost got convinced that completing the survival mode is impossible.

The game testers were struggling to hold their own while being swarmed by hordes of zombies, which excel in making a surprise attack.

The managing director of Ubisoft France Xavier Poix conceded that they saw the survival mode get completed just two-to-three days before the work on the overall game was done and dusted with.

“It must have been only two or three days before we finished work on the game before anyone made it all the way to the end,” he stated.

Ubisoft producer Guillaume Brunier explained that the enemies attacking the player in the survival mode are not any harder than the ones that they face in the normal mode and if a player dies, he has nobody to blame himself because he may have let his concentration slip.

“The enemies aren’t any stronger in this mode, but there were lots of times when the staff working on the development of the game were killed because they let their concentration slip for just a split second,” he explained.

He did, however, add that the team acknowledged the difficulty level of the mode as a bit unfair and therefore made some fine adjustments to make it possible for players to beat the mode.

The hardcore gamers will still find the challenge live up to their expectations and will require a great deal of retries and learning before they would eventually be able to complete it.

ZombiU’s leader-board would be there to highlight the name of the player who is the first to beat the survival mode, a boasting right that is expected to motivate many players to take on the challenge irrespective of how frustrating it may eventually become because of the difficulty level.

Ubisoft’s exclusive first-person shooter for Wii U uses the unique features of the console’s tablet controller GamePad intensively. Throughout the game, players will find themselves shifting their focus between the two screens.

Wii U, which is Nintendo’s first-ever HD console and the first system in the next-generation space, has already made a solid impact in the American market. It will be launching in Europe on November 30, before eventually making its way into the Japanese market on December 8.