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Zynga Poker, Bingo and Bubble Safari’s mind blowing stats

By: Moses Abaortae

  |   June 28th, 2012   |  
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Zynga Games

The game wipes out the United States debt on a daily basis and along with Slingo, Zynga Poker deals out a total of 18.2 trillion chips a day

Chances are that the reader has an account on the popular social networking site, Facebook. At the same time chances are that the reader has also tried one of Zynga’s many games that are available on the platform – Be it Poker, Slingo, Bingo, Bubble Safari or Words with Friends, the publisher owns some of the hottest, most played titles on offer.

However, if that is not enough to convince the reader that the publisher, who recently saw a dip in share prices, is the ‘King of Facebook’ games then a few statistics should help change that mindset.

A recent survey revealed some very interesting facts about some of Zynga’s most popular IPs.

Starting off with Bubble Safari, which is the company’s latest offering as well as being Zynga’s first foray into arcade gaming. Bubble Safari requires players to shoot matching bubbles from the bottom of the screen to the top with matching colours then exploding. The aim is to get rid of all the bubbles.

According to the statistics over 6-million users play the game on a daily basis with over 115-billion bubbles being popped by players since it was released in May.

Zynga Bingo on the other hand sees over 10-million rounds of bingo being played on a daily basis and over 368-billion bingo cards have been played since February, which is when the game was released.

However, Zynga’s long running favourite, Poker, has the most impressive statistics of all. Not only are 55-million hands played on a daily basis, the game pays out a total of 16-trillion every 24 hours.

Why is that impressive? Well apart from being such an astronomical figure, it also means that if one assumed each chip was a dollar, then one could wipe out the United States debt in under a day. Sadly though, this is one part of gaming that won’t be coming true no matter how much economists and financial advisors will want it to be.

If one wonders how the game is generating such interest then one must also consider how the game has over 61-million likes, which is 10-million more than last year’s figure.

Yet, despite all the interest it seems that Zynga’s fortunes in the stock exchange have not been as successful as the company would have liked as share prices plummeted following the company’s acquisition of the Draw Something IP.

There was a sharp decrease in Daily Active Users, which meant that the big money move backfired on the publisher and the company is suffering for it on the stock exchange. However, that has not deterred Zynga from developing new titles, which they are set to announce in the near future.