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Insomniac CEO responds vaguely to Resistance: Burning Skies questions

By: Musa Afridi

  |   September 14th, 2012   |  

Burning Skies was developed by Nihilistic Games and was the first first-person shooter on the console but when Ted Price, the CEO of Insomniac Games, was asked about what he thought of the game his response was both diplomatic and vague.

Resistance is one of Sony’s exclusive IPs and the series can be found with titles on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita. The latter, titled Resistance: Burning Skies, saw players don the role of a fireman caught in the middle of the invasion and how he joins the Resistance to find and rescue his family.

The game made use of a number of the PlayStation Vita’s features, including the touchscreen, although the lack of scope and scale that is a stand out feature of the Resistance series as well as the feeling that the game was rushed, meant that gamers either loved the game or hated it.

Ted Price is the CEO of Insomniac Games, which is the studio that created the entire Resistance universe and when he was asked why the Vita version of the game was not developed by them, he responded, “For Resistance, we didn’t have the bandwidth to move onto the Vita.”

Before going on to explain that it was nice to see someone else’s take on the world they created, “Were really happy that Nihilistic went ahead and created their own vision of Resistance, and we feel very close to the franchise cause we created it, but it’s always interesting to see what other people do with it.”

When asked if he had played the game, Price admitted that he only played “A little bit of it.”

However, things got rather vague and diplomatic when he was asked if he enjoyed it. Price responded, “I thought that what they did with the game made a lot of sense, in terms of the decisions that they came to with their core mechanics. So I felt like it stayed true to the universe…”

Not exactly a compliment, not exactly a criticism either. Well played sir. Price concluded his answer with ,““Frankly, I was spending a lot more time playing our own games.”

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Burning Skies may not have been to everyone’s taste yet it demonstrated that first-person shooters are more than possible on the PlayStation Vita and maybe that was the statement that Sony wished to make with the game.

Whether or not Sony will continue the Resistance franchise remains to be seen although a number of senior executives have admitted that the series will be put on hold until the right time presents itself for a new instalment.